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DGAV: 3149FL
CAE: 1493


Welcome to Blanche Neige Cattery

Blanche Neige affix had its beginning in 1995 when of the acquisition of its first Persian Cat,  a black male. With the elapsing of the years we acquired some Persian cats, Exotics and Russian Blue.

In February of  2001 in a cat exhibition in Spain we came to know the Bengal race for which we were enamoured and with the will to acquire a small "leopard". Thus being, we started since then searching and contacting  with several breeders. Finally, in December of 2001, we got our first male cat of this race "Indiana Jones de Ramazan" and passed 2 months our 1º  female "Jitterbug de Ramazan", this way having the privilege and the honour to have introduced this race in Portugal.

During these years we have acquired new cats (proceeding from U.S.A.), with the intention to improve either the quality of drawing, or its temperament. We are detainers of black cats tabby spotted, also of Marbled, either the black colour tabby blotched or the black tabby Bloched Colourpoint (Deep White with blue eyes).

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